Hardik Confirms Support To ‘Lady Gandhi’

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Kolkata: Hardik Patel, the Patidar leader from Gujarat, showered Mamata Banerjee as “Lady (Mahatma) Gandhi” on Friday , drew parallels between her and Indira Gandhi and confirmed full support to the Bengal chief minister.

Patel’s unmistakable support after his meeting with Mamata at Nabanna would be music to the chief minister’s ears amid her efforts to play a prime role in a pan-India coalition of non-saffron camp forces.

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Hardik expressed his priviledge to be in West Bengal and thanked her for her congratulatory call after the victory in poll result. Patel is in the city to take part in an event in Calcutta Club on Saturday.

Patel had campaigned against the BJP in the Gujarat Assembly polls last year. Since the 24-year-old couldn’t contest the Gujarat elections, Congress candidates backed by the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti did well enough to jolt the saffron juggernaut in its bastion.
Patel was with Mamata for over 70 minutes at Nabanna and both discussed various issues pertaining to “inclusive politics” and development.

On her way out of Nabanna, Mamata, too, lavished praise on her “younger brother.”