Happy Hair Even In Humid Monsoons


Monsoons maybe romantic, but is equally menacing to our skin and hair. Although we religiously try to cater to our beauty regimes, but seasonal deliberations do play a vital role.

Need not always consult a Trichologist for hairfall problems. We are here to provide you with some quick tips for a beautiful and bouncy hair even in the rains.

  • Once drenched, wash your hair completely with a mild shampoo and pat dry.
  • A oil massage both rejuvenates and revitalizes your hair during this season.


  • Scalp remains prone to dandruff and other fungal infections, leaving it itchy all the time. Replace chemical shampoos with herbal shampoos.


  • Use a conditioner to avoid the unnecessary frizzing during the humid season.
  • Hair styling and hair colouring is a big no-no in the damp climate.


  • Lastly, avoid tying tight buns to protect hair from humidity exposure.

A healthy diet is the basic pre-requisite for any daily beauty regime. Go for the right diet with the perfect proportion of minerals, vitamins.


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