“Hang Me If I spoke wrong”, Sakshi Maharaj


New Delhi: BJP MP Shakshi Maharaj whose recent remarks that Hindu women should give birth to at least four children raised eyes of controversy throughout the length and breadth of the country today said that he is ready to be hanged if he had said anything wrong.

He said, “I think the media is stretching the issue a bit too long. I have already spoken on this issue several times. Now, it is time to forget it. The place where I spoke was not a political stage. If people are so hurt by my statement, then a strict law should be brought against a family that has more than two or three children. If people think I said something wrong, I am ready to be hanged for that.”

Accusing the media he said that when anything good is spoken nobody takes that into account. He said that law should be equal for all.

While addressing a gathering at Merrut on Tuesday, Sakshi Maharaj had said that the concept of four wives and 40 children won’t work in India and time has come for Hindu women to to produce four children to save Hinduism.