Handpump Water Turns Family Bald

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Patna: In a bizarre incident, a family claimed that they have turned bald after taking a bath from a handpump water outside their residence in Bihar’s Madhubani district.

According to an ETV report, a villager, Mohammad Hasim, has claimed that his wife and two children had taken bath from the water of a handpump and later complained of itching around the head. After a while, all the family members started losing their hairs which eventually turned into baldness.

A doctor was called to check on the family and the water of the handpump was set for further investigation. Local authorities also made a visit to the family.

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Till further reports come, the handpump has been sealed.

The villagers, however, said that the handpump’s water is being used by them since a long time, but till now no such incident ever happened. The BDO has instructed the village head to install a new handpump for the family.