Handbell & Azaan Complimenting Each Other In Several Prayer Spaces


Kolkata: In the time of distress, people of different community people praying together which is quite a rare visual in contemporary time. On one hand, some people are pronouncing mantras with traditional sound of bell and on the other hand, the sound of Azaan was complimenting each other in the Canning Street.

It’s 3:45 in the afternoon on Sunday. The flame was coming out of the roof. The dense smoke has covered the entire Canning Street. the sound of explosion was coming out in an interval. People around the Canning Street were standing helplessly and staring at the fire. The surrounding was filled with the mixture of Azaan and traditional bell.

Nakhoda Masjid few step from Bagri Market. People has nothing to do apart from praying for douding the fire. A ram temple was also there opposite of Bagri market where paople gathered to pray to overcome such distressful situation.

Local businessman Mohammad Firdous said, “Fire is on from yesterday. Many known people had shop inside the market which just turned ashes. If it extends for more time, the situation will be changed. So we are praying.”

Pravin Sharma, an aged person was sitting in front of the temple where he said, “Hindi-Muslim together lives here and live their daily bread. We always stand for each other. So we are praying to our god.

The ongoing political situation which mostly highlights the communal differences though India is known as secular country. Such combination determines the beliefs and practices of our daily life.

Bagri market is not that far, it is just after 2-3 houses. Bagri is on fire. Everything is being destroyed within minutes in front of the eyes. But there is nothing one can do than just witness it from far away.