Halt In Kolkata Mayor’s Divorce Case


Kolkata: Mayor of Kolkata Sovan Chatterjee’s divorce case has been paused as the judge Shantunu Mishra asked for exemption from the case. On Monday, the decision came out at the end of accepting the testimonials regarding the case in Alipore Court. Reportedly, due to some personal reasonhe has aked for release from the case.

Monday was scheduled as testimony taking day in Chattrejee’s divorce case. He reached the court on that day at around 11:30 am with Baishakhi Banerjee and reported the Additional Judge bench. The hearing of the divorce case going on there.

The testimonial receiving session held in a closed-door process. Judge Shantunu Mishra listened to both side statements and comments. Soon after the completion of the process he refused to procceed the case in future. Now the case has been forwarded to districts head judge. So will take the decision that who will chair the case further.