Haldia Fish Dept Took Initiative To Sell Pabda On Bhaidooj


Haldia: Fish department of Haldia again took initiative to sell Pabda fish in Bhaidooj. From Thursday afternoon, the Haldia markets has been arranged to sell pabda fish with oxygen in the water packets.

Suman Kumar Sahu, Fisheries Extension Officer of Haldia block said that Pabda fishes are very tasty and expensive fish like Hilsa. Special recipes were made with Pabda fish on the special occasions. Like a Jamaisasthi, Bhaidooz is another occasion where sister made delicious recipes for their beloved brother. In view of that, the Fish Department of Haldia has suggested to hold the city’s market in Bhaidooz. New methods of selling fresh fish have also been taught.

He also said that initiative has been taken so that the farmers can sell this fish directly to the customers or the shops and hotels of the city in the festival seasons. Fisherman Bishnupada Jana said, “As per the advice of the Fisheries Department, we have cultivated millions of pabda fish. Before Bhaidooj, a fish worth 50-60 grams has been available. Pabda fishes are available at Township, Durgachalk, Chaitanyapur market.

He also said that One kilogram pabda is being sold at Rs 500-600. Many people have been coming from distant places to order fresh fish for bhaidooj