Haldia Celebrates Deepavali Carnival


Haldia: East Midnapur’s Haldia is the heart of the district in many terms. After celebrating Durga and Laksmi Carnival in the town,now they are presenting Deepabali Carnival. It has showcased not only the idol or the theme but also included cultural programme and involved many from Tollywood.

    In an initiative of Several puja committees, the Tollywood celebrities joined the programme. A procession organised with decorated light presentation which grabbed the attention of local people. Another main attraction was firecrackers of leisure LED light.

The carnival programme involved one kilometer road from Sutahata Prem Road to Subarnajayanti Bhavan. The entire area was divided into three parts for separate purpose.

The first one hundred and fifty meter is appearence zone, the next sixty meter is performance zone and rest of the ninety meters have used as relaxation zone. Each club got five minutes to showcase their performance.

One of the orgasnisor and Haldia municipality Chairman in Council Satyabrata Das said that, Kali Puja in Sutahata is famous in Haldia. So we organised Deepabali Carnival like Red Road Durga Carnival in Kolkata. People will get different taste of celebration. Suatahata Ekta Parishad and minicipality jointly organised the programme.

Every club has been given ten thousand rupees for their willing participation in the programme. Apart from this, the first, second, third position holder clubs will get 30 thousand, 25 thousands, 20 thousands and special gifts from the authority. Huge gathering was visible in the programme.