Hair Solutions for Low Volume Hair


Losing your hair can be extremely stressful, especially if you think you can’t stop it. But fear not! There are a number of ways to fight back, stop the shedding in its tracks, and even grow new hair. The first step is to find out why it is happening. “It could be age, genes, hormones, or a combination. You can really develop it anytime after puberty, although more people in their 40s and 50s are affected,” explains experts.

While many people simply attribute hair loss to aging, there are a number of unexpected reasons why it happens. sudden weight fluctuations can cause strands to shed. Stress is a common factor, too, making alternative therapies that help with stress, like meditation, part of a holistic solution. A poor diet can also be a cause. Iron deficiency is the most common culprit, so adding a supplement or changing your diet can help. Hair loss can even be caused by how you apply your products.

Rogaine: One of the most well-known hair-loss treatments has products designed for both men and women. For hereditary hair loss, the primary treatment would be 5 percent Rogaine. The topical treatment, which you apply to the scalp twice daily, is the only FDA-approved hair-loss option for women. .

Prescription medication: Propesia is a once-daily prescription pill that is FDA-approved for men, but not for women. However, many women are using it off-label to help with regrowth. Note that only post-menopausal women can use it, since it can cause birth defects. Dianette, Yasmin, and Spironolactone can help women experiencing hormone-related hair-thinning.

Hair transplants: The procedure involves take a three- to four-inch strip of hair from the back of the hair and placing it where there is a lack of hair. It’s an intensive procedure that can take between three and eight hours.

Scalp drops: Applying hair growth serums directly to your scalp is one solution for thinning hair. Daily application of targeted scalp drops can help improve overall volume if you are experiencing genetic hair-thinning or increased daily hair-shedding.

Viviscal: This over-the-counter herbal remedy gets mixed reviews.

Vitamins: Addressing nutritional deficiencies is one way to fight hair loss. This will start to work within three weeks The best ones will contain a mixture of iron, vitamin C, B vitamins, biotin, vitamin D, and amino acids.

Rosemary oil: expert say use rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth. Many people also claim that it can prevent baldness, slows graying, and can be used to treat dandruff and dry scalp. Studies have shown a 22 percent increase in regrowth.

Diet: The source of your hair loss could be as simple as your diet. As hair is composed primarily of protein, this is perhaps the most important nutrient to hair growth. all essential amino acids, like eggs, fish, poultry, lean meats, and low-fat cottage cheese. The best vegetarian sources are quinoa, seitan, tofu, pulses, and nuts.