Hail Single Mothers, The World is at your Feet!


“An unwed woman can claim the guardianship of her child!” The historic judgement by the Supreme Court of India has invited warm reactions from all the corners of the society. Based on the judgement, Debjani Sarkar of Kolkata24x7 caught up with some of the celebrities of the tinsel town. Here is what they have to say about the historic judgement.

dirAnindita Sarbadhikary, an eminent film director feels that the decision is a historic one. Till date, a many laws have been passed but this one stands out to be particular. It is one of the best judgements given by the Apex Court, feels Anindita. Being a single mother she could feel that of how much importance is this judgement. Miss Sarbadhikary went on to say that people call her to be bold in this regard. But she knows quite a few single mothers who battle it out everyday for the recognition. Hence, this judgement serves to be very impactful among the single mothers of the society. She added that she is aware of a rape victim who has been bringing up his child for the last eight years. It is not very easy for such kind of women. But the judgement of the Supreme Court will definitely give some cushion to such kind of mothers in the society, feels Anindita.

Poetess Krishna Basu says that as we live in a patriarchal society, the system asks for the identity ofsreelekha the father every now and then. But in the absence of such fathers, it is seen that the mothers take an initiative to raise their children. Hence, such a judgement will act as a fresh lease of air in the lives such mothers.

Actress Sreelekha Mitra, on the other hand, raises her question in the areas where father’s name or husband name’s become mandatory for children. Hence, to do away with such dogma, Sreelekha feels that the decision will open to up the new horizons in the society. She says that she had always expected such kind of a judgement to shake up the society. It is the people who have created the society, therefore, the decision will be accepted in the society with open arms. She concluded by saying that such a decision will bring strength and install a sense of belief in single mothers like her.agnimitra

Fashion Designer Agnimitra Paul feels that the decision will create a new space for single mothers in the male dominated society. Artificial mothers who get into motherhood by giving birth to test tube babies will be happy with such a decision. Hence the decision marks off a historic day in the chapter of lawmaking

In a historic judgement of the Supreme Court on Monday, it is stated that an unwed Hindu mother can claim herself for the guardianship of her minor child without taking consent from the child’s father. A bench led by Justice Vikramjit Sen allowed the woman, who preferred anonymity and is known only by the acronym ‘ABC’, to approach the local guardianship court on her own accord in the status of an unwed mother without the burden of issuing prior notice to the father.