Hafiz Saeed To Contest In Pak General Election


Lahore: Mumbai terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed’s terrorist organisation Jama’at-ud-Da’wah will contest the upcoming Pakistan general elections under a dormant political party named Allaha-u-Akbar-Tehreek (AAT).

The decision to contest the election on the platform of a dormant political entity was taken in wake of hurdles being faced by Hafiz’s Milli Muslim League in registration as a political party.

AAT was registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan a local citizen named Ehsan. Several political parties have such dormant entities in Pakistan to fight elections in case of any issues related to their mainstream party.

“It was a kind of dormant party registered by a citizen Ehsan. There are several such parties registered with the ECP and such an arrangement is made ahead of the general elections if any mainstream party or organisation faces any issue or complication,” he said.
MML President Saifullah Khalid also announced that they will back the AAT candidates, who will fight the July 25 elections on the symbol of a chair.

“We will play a role in the victory of those contesting on the symbol of a chair. To save Pakistan, patriotic people should be supported in the elections,” he said.