Guvs will have to inform Prez before leaving state


New Delhi: Restrictions have been put on travel of Governors out of the states and will not leave the state without the approval of the President and have to stay in their respective states for at least 292 states.

The direction came from the Narendra Modi Government after noticing that some of the governors used to stay out of their respective states for a considerable amount of time.

A 18 point set of Rules notified by the Home Ministry says, “No visits shall be undertaken without obtaining the prior permission of the President or in emergent or extraordinary circumstances, without prior intimation to the President’s Secretariat.”

The Governors will have to explain the compelling reasons in case of last minute travel plans. The request for the travel plans will have to notified to the Rashtrapati Bhavan between one week and six weeks before the date of the travel depending on whether the tour is official or Private.

Every request will also have to be addressed to Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Nipendra Mishra and Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

To prevent the Governors from passing off private visits as official ones, the Raj Bhavans will have to send details of the visit to the President whether it is domestic or foreign and keep the Rashtrapati Bhavan informed about any changes.