Gurung To Complain Against Mamata To Center


Siliguri: In the forthcoming Trilateral Meeting to be held at Delhi on 2 February, GTA chief Bimal Gurung will Complain to the centre accusing State Government of Deprivation. Bimal Gurung said this on Sunday at a religious meet at Siliguri.

According to Gurung, In the last 4 Years, State government didn’t help anything for the development of the Hills. All the developments are made by Central Government. He also said, Mamata is only coming to hills for breaking it into smaller parts. In the Name of development they are only making different boards. As a representative of GTA, Bimal Gurung will inform central government regarding all the problems they are facing.

The Assembly elections are closeby, to create pressure on the Ruling party GTA has taken a calculated step. GTA has also declined speculations of forming alliance with CPM or Congress. Gurung said, they will fighting for 15 to 16 seats. And they are confident about the win.