Gurung Followers Down, But Not Out


Darjeeling: The GJM president Bimal Gurung as per reports plans to go to Delhi within a fortnight, armed with the Supreme Court order that has stayed coercive steps against him. Gurung reportedly said this on Tuesday in an audio message sent by GJM general secretary Roshan Giri in the party’s WhatsApp group.

“I thank the SC for giving me justice. I have got relief for 15 days and within this period I will go to Delhi. Several party leaders and activists are either in hiding or have been arrested. It is not right to think only about myself. I have to think about my party leaders and followers as well. I will move the SC and try to get some kind of relief to them,” Gurung reportedly said.

The apex court order went viral in the social media while Gurung loyalists celebrated it with firecrackers in the rural party bases in the Hills, Gorubathan, Pedong, Jaldhaka, Kumai — making it all too apparent that Gurung loyalists may be down in the Hills, but are not out. However, the celebrations were missing in Darjeeling town because Gurung loyalists are scared of coming down onto the streets. “The GTA chairperson and the police are after us. They are picking up people at the slightest pretext and asking to join the Binay Tamang camp,” a GJM leader said.

The message reached Binay Tamang during the CM’s all-party meeting at Pintel village near Siliguri. Tamang threw an open challenge to the absconding GJM president. “Let him go to Delhi. I presume he won’t go via Nepal and take the Delhi flight from Bagdogra. Let him do that if he can,” the acting GTA chairman said. Tamang reminded that Gurung has a total 93 cases against him of which the UAPA charge is only one. “Law and order is a state subject. It also came a surprise to me when I got to know that Gurung engaged the Supreme Court’s most expensive lawyer Harish Salve who had fought cases for Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani and paid him Rs 2 crore as fees till yesterday. From where did the money come?” Tamang said.