Gurdaspur SP Salwinder Singh To Face Polygraph Test: Sources


Chandigarh: Convinced that Punjab police officer Salwinder Singh is hiding many things from investigators, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), probing the Pathankot attack, will ask him go for a lie detector test, sources told.

While Salwinder had said he was a frequent visitor to a shrine in Pathankot and was carjacked on his way back from there, the shrine’s caretaker Somraj told that he had met the officer for the first time on December 31.

“There are inconsistencies in his statement on his visit to the shrine in Taloor village and the time he took to return. We are planning to take him to either Delhi or Bangalore for the test,” an NIA officer said. It was not clear until Thursday evening if the SP had given his consent for the test.

NIA is probing why the SP had a blue beacon on top of his private vehicle when it is illegal to do so. Sources said the beacon helped the terrorists cross police checkpoints on New Year’s eve without much fuss. The terrorists had used the car to reach within walking distance of the Pathankot airbase.

Salwinder has so far professed innocence and said he is a victim who miraculously managed to get away from the killers. The NIA refused to divulge whether Salwinder was questioned again on Thursday. Meanwhile, Punjab Police chief Suresh Arora said the government has not suspended Salwinder.