Gurdaspur SP May Undergo Lie Detector Test


New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency is likely to make Gurdaspur SP Salwinder Singh undergo lie detector test following utter discrepancies in his statement regarding his abduction by Pathankot attackers. The cook and friend of Salwinder may also have to undergo the test, said NIA sources.

The NIA is planning to take Singh to either Delhi or Bangalore for the lie detector test. However, it is not yet clear if Singh has given his go-ahead required for conducting the test.

According to media reports, the NIA team has not been fully satisfied with Singh’s reply and found several inconsistencies in his statement such as his visit to a mazar in Taloor village and the time he took to return.

While Singh had said that he was a frequent visitor to a mazar in Pathankot and that his car was hijacked on his way back from there, the mazar’s caretaker said that he had met the SP for the first time on December 31.

The agency is also investigating as to why Singh had a blue beacon on top of his private vehicle when it is illegal to do so. Some say that the beacon allegedly helped the terrorists cross police checkpoints on New Year’s eve and reach near the Pathankot airbase.

While this was so, Singh, avowing innocence, had claimed that he had somehow managed to break loose from the terrorists. Meanwhile, Punjab Police chief Suresh Arora said the government has not suspended Singh.