Gunmen Attacks Restaurant In Sodepur, 5 Injured


Sodepur: A group of gunmen suddenly attacked in a restaurants and its owners-workers present inside the shop at Sodepur Traffic More adjacent shop. The armed men has vandalised the shop.

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The owners and workers have been injured in the incident. The passerby people took initiative to raise their voice. Four people among them have been seized by the local people. Kharda police reached the spot. Police has arrested those four people.

The owner of the restaurant, Kamal Das said that two people came in disguise of a customer who asked for tandoori roti. After telling him that the process will take some time, they got involved with untoward situation with the hotel workers. They threatened the the workers and beaten them.

Soon after that, they left the place and came back with ten more people and vamdalised the shop. The goons have hit the owner with the gun. The local councilor Nirmal Ghosh came and said that, “Sodepur became a crime-zone in the night time. Many incident took place before. We have informed police to tale action against this. Police must be active to take action against them.”

Kharda police started investigation on this. Police is looking for two more with the help of four arrested. Police assured that they will be arrested soon.