Gunmen abducts 30 in Afghanistan


Kandahar: Unidentified Gunmen abducted 30 passengers belonging to the ethnic Hazara minority out of two buses and took them as hostage in Southern Afghanistan. The incident occurred in the Shah Joy district of Zabul Province along the Kabul-Kandahar Highway.

The passengers were forced to leave the buses late on February 23 night after they were identified as Shi’ite minority group. Outbreaks of such violence have been rare since the Taliban were ousted by an American-led invasion in 2001. The gunmen who wore national army uniform spoke neither Dari nor Pashto (two official languages), they stopped the buses and captured 10 men from one bus and 20 from the other. Woman and children were spared. ’Fate of the hostages are still unknown.’ said Ghulum Jilani Sakhi, the deputy police chief of Zabul Province. Meanwhile, tribal elders denied that they had anything to do with the Kidnapping.