Gunman Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’, Kills 3 In Belgium


City Of Brussels: Two police officers and a civilian have been shot dead by a man reportedly shouting Allahu Akbar, which led to a hostage situation at a high school in east Belgium.

The motive for the attack wasn’t immediately clear. State broadcaster RTBF reported that it could be terror-related, citing unnamed police and fire officials. Belgium’s prime minister couldn’t confirm the report.

“Beyond the attacker, who was shot, there are three dead, two police officials and a passer-by,” Michel Firket from Liege city hall told The Associated Press. State broadcaster RTBF reported that the shooting took place near a cafe on Liege’s Boulevard d’Avroy. A passenger in a car driving by was killed. Other police officers were wounded in the exchange of fire, Firket told the AP.

When asked about the report that the attack was terror-related, Firket said: “I know nothing formal about that. The police is doing its investigation. There are no formal conclusions.”

RTBF said the gunman fled the scene, taking a female cleaner hostage at a nearby school before he was shot. A spokeswoman for the city mayor’s office, Laurence Comminette, told the AP that the children were all safe.