Gun Fire in Charlotte’s NC Mall on Christmas Eve, 1 Dead


Charlotte: There are various reports of a shooting at a mall in North Carolina near Charlotte on Christmas Eve. Police reported that viewers are telling them that shots were fired inside Northlake Mall in North Charlotte just after 2 p.m. Thursday. The gunman shot dead, police said.

Meanwhile, a witness told them that an officer shot and killed a gunman inside the mall. A woman in the parking lot of the mall, Tammy Byus, said on Twitter that she heard gunshots and saw many people running from the mall.

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Byus took two photos of the scene that showed crowds running outside. One viewer told that the shooting occurred near the Apple Store inside the mall.

Twitter users are reporting the mall is being evacuated, while others are reporting they are hiding inside locked stores, reported. “Food and sodas were just flying in the air and people were running out the door,” a woman who was inside during the shooting told on camera outside the mall.
“I was shaking until 5 minutes ago.

It was terrifying. It was terrifying to people inside with small kids. I heard them (parents) calling kids names and it was very scary,” the woman said.

One person with minor injuries was taken to Novant in Huntersville, told. Police says they are treating one patient with a leg injury, one patient with an asthma attack and one patient in labor.