Gun Battle In Afghan’s State TV Compound Kills 1 Attacker


Update: 1 attacker dead, 14 others injured in the gunbattle.

Kabul: A heavy gun battle is reportedly underway near the government compound and inside the state radio television headquarters in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province.

Khamma Press quoted eyewitnesses, as saying that the dead bodies of at least two militants are left in the area while the remaining militants have managed to enter the compound.

It is being reported that several state radio television workers are trapped inside the compound So far, there are no reports of civilian casualties.

Tolo News reported that the attack started at about 10 a m on Wednesday morning. The TV station is close to the governor’s compound.

Eyewitnesses said shops in the area were hastily closed as soon as shots were heard and people in the vicinity immediately fled the area.

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