Gujjar’s demand 5% reservation, blocks railway track

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Bharatpur: The Gujjar community demanding five percent reservation has staged a protest blocking the railway tracks at Pilpura village in Bharatpur on Thursday. The protesting Gujjars have uprooted railway tracks at Pilpura.

The Gujjar’s led by Kirori Singh Bainsla has intensified the protest and several trains were diverted to other routes.

At least nine trains are being diverted to alternate routes owing to the blockade. These include: Pashchim Express (Amritsar-Bandra), Awadh Express (Bandra-Gorakhpur), Janata Express (Firozpur-Bandra), Azimabad Express (Patna-Ahmedabad), Kota-Patna Express, Kalka-Bandra Express, Ratlam-Mathura Passenger, Mathura-Sawaimadhopur Passenger, Bayana-Mathura passenger.