Gujarat Verdict Will Be Zabardast: RaGa


New Delhi: After taking the party president, Rahul Gandhi has said that the Gujarat Poll Verdict will be zabardast. At a press conference in Ahmedabad that stood in for a cancelled roadshow, Mr Gandhi wrapped up an intense three-month-long campaign with a point-by point rebuttal of the BJP’s many allegations against him including the rival party’s attacks over his frequent visits to temples.

Congress president-elect Rahul Gandhi today accused the BJP of lopsided development in Gujarat, said he’s been praying for the pollbound state on his various temple visits and hit back at criticism of that by asking, “is it wrong to go to a temple?”

Rahul also called Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s seaplane adventure today “a distraction from development”, said the PM’s comments about Manmohan Singh were “unacceptable” and added that after the first phase of elections in Gujarat – which happened Saturday – he’s even more confident the Congress is heading for a win. And that, he said, will be good for the country’s development.

“Whenever I went to a temple I just prayed for a ‘Sunehra Bhavishya’ (golden fiture) for the people of Gujarat, a better development here. Is it wrong to go to a temple?” asked Rahul at a press briefing in Ahmedabad, after visiting the Jagannath temple there.

” Mr Gandhi again attacked PM Modi and the BJP over new national tax GST, calling it the Gabbar Singh Tax, and over jobs and what he called one-sided development in Gujarat in the last 22 years of BJP rule, alleging that “not everyone has been given their rights.”

He listed the Congress’ promises for Gujarat if it comes to power in the state, emphasising that communities such as Patels, Dalits and backward castes are “angry” with the BJP.

“There is a massive undercurrent, I am actually a little surprised. I had expected the BJP to fight with more strength,” Mr Gandhi said, also saying, “Just wait, the Gujarat verdict will be zabardast.”