GTA Chief Pradip Pradhan arrested for smuggling


Darjeeling: The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration Chief, Pradip Pradhan gets arrested along with two other members of the GTA for smuggling of archaeological stuffs. Tipped by sources, the police carried out a raid at a hotel in Darjeeling in the late hours of Monday. To everyone’s surprise they found that the GTA Chief along with a few others are busy exchanging archaeological heritage material for hefty cash. After quizzing the people present in the dealing the police have arrested eleven of them. Pradip Pradhan and two other members of the GTA has been under the arrest list of the police. They will be produced before the court on Tuesday, as per police sources.

It is learnt that Pradhan was involved in the smuggling of a rare archaeological coin. The price of the coin was settled at Rs. 11 lakh. Already 50,000 rupees was given as an advance to the other party. As the deal was at its zenith inside a luxury hotel at Darjeeling, police raided the spot and arrested this well known personality