‘GST Can Be Interpreted As Girgit Samjhauta Tax’


New Delhi: Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien on Wednesday said that he is confused whether the BJP and Congress are supporting or not supporting the GST bill.

During the discussion on the GST Bill, the biggest reform in India’s indirect tax structure since the economy began to be opened up 25 years ago, Derek O’Brien said, “It’s often confusing whether the BJP and Congress are supporting or not supporting the GST bill. Unlike our party, which has promised the GST in its manifestos. I feel like a teenager in the presence of these senior lawyers.”

Talking about the understanding between the Congress and the BJP over the bill, O’Brien said, “GST can also be interpreted as Girgit Samjhauta Tax – it’s like a ping-pong match between the two sides – (BJP and Congress).”

O’Brien also quoted what the two parties had said in the past on the GST bill, saying it was important that the politics of the GST bill be discussed, because for two years, two houses were stalled by the BJP over GST and FDI.

He also took on Chidambaram, saying his colleagues in the Select Committee saw the Go Slow Tactics of the Congress Party. “Only having an idea of GST is not good, there has to be implementation,” O’Brien said.

Derek O’Brien also listed countries that have come back to power and suffered defeat after governments passed the GST bill, comforting both parties that it was a fifty-fifty chance.


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