Groom arrested for fraud identity


Jalpaiguri: A person named Ashim Barman was arrested on Monday for coming to marry a girl with fraud identity. The accused is a resident of Mathabhanga area of Coochbehar. It has been known that he had made friendship with a minor girl a resident of Dhupguri block three months back.

On Sunday evening the man all of a sudden went to the village of the girl to marry her. Since he went alone to marry the girl, the people of the girl’s village grew suspicious of him and detained him. The villagers told him that he will have to bring his family members with him but even after a long time no one came which raised the suspicion of the girl’s family.

The villagers snatched away the mobile of Ashim following which the real truth came out. The villagers came to know that he has married two times and have two children.

The angry villagers beat up the accused and handed him over to the police. Police have arrested the youth and his friend and have started an enquiry into the incident.