Green Corridor To Facilitate Organ Transplant


Kolkata: On Friday evening witnessed the creation of a green corridor for around 13-km stretch to facilitate the transplantation of kidneys and liver of a brain-dead female patient.

The 57-year-old patient was declared brain-dead yesterday at a private hospital in southern part of the city where she was admitted with a spontaneous subarachnoid, intracerebral and intraventricular hemorrhage.

Last evening, a team of Neurologists at the private hospital under the supervision of observers from the state health department, declared her brain-dead. Following this, a consent was taken from her family members for the donation of organs for life-saving transplantations, a senior official at the state health department said.

The additional director of state health services and nodal officer for the state organ transplant coordinated the entire process of declaration of brain death, counselling of relatives and appropriate dedication of organs to the different recipients as per the waiting lists, he added.

One of the two kidneys and the liver were dedicated to IPGMER/SSKM hospital while the other kidney and the heart were dedicated to the private hospital where she was admitted.

A surgical team from the private hospital and IPGMER carried out the organ retrievals before transporting one kidney and liver through the green corridor created by the Kolkata Police, the official said.

It was learnt that a suitable recipient for the heart was identified, with a compatible ‘O’ negative blood group in Ranchi. Due to logistical difficulties, the recipient was not able to travel to Kolkata on time.