Greeks to vote on bailout referendum on Sunday


Athens:  Millions of Greek nationals will be voting in a crucial referendum on Sunday over ‘whether to accept the terms of an international bailout.’

The pollings stations will open at 07:00 (04:00 GMT) and the results are expected to be out on Sunday evening.

The government has appealed to the voters to vote for a no but opponets have warned that this could see Greece being ejected from the Eurozone.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis told local media on Saturday that the EU had “no legal grounds” to throw Greece out of the euro.

Meanwhile, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, one of Greece’s harshest critics, suggested that if Greece were to leave the eurozone, it might only be temporary.

The bailout programme of Greece with the European Commission, International Monetary Fund(IMF) and the European Central Bank ran out on Tuesday. Banks throughout Greece have been shut throughout the week and limits have been imposed on cash withdrawals.