Greek Tragedy: Refugee Boat Capsizes, 28 Killed


Athens: Another tragedy involving the war-torn refugees make it to Greece on Sunday as a smugglers boat carrying migrants capsized off the Greek islet of Farmakonisi killing at least 28 According to Greek authorities, the Greek Ministry of Shipping’s Unified Coordination Center for Search and Rescue received a call about several migrants being at risk in the region. A Super Puma helicopter immediately took off for the port of Mytilene in search of the boat.

The Hellenic Coast Guard officers have already rescued 68 people. Another 29 people were able to swim to the beach of Farmakonisi. Meanwhile, the coastguard continues the search for four children missing after another boat carrying migrants capsized on Saturday off Samos island.

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Deputy Shipping Minister, Christos Zois, is scheduled to travel to Mytilene on Sunday and participate in a long meeting with caretaker prime minister, Vasiliki Thanou, to address the refugee issue. The International Organisation for Migration has said over 430,000 migrants and refugees have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far in 2015, with 2,748 dying or going missing en route.