Greedy People Ignored Injuries Of Driver


Suri: A minidor van full of grape has been transposed in roadside of Nayanjuli on Saturday. The driver somehow managed to rescue himself. But he is critically injured.

The local residents of the area have run to the spot. But they were not concern on his injury.

They were busy to collect the grapes instead of taking him to the hospital. All the grapes were packed in plastic container.

According to the police, the minidor was running through NH-60 from Dubrajpur to Suri. The car lost hits control and transposed in the roadside of Nayanjuli. Police reached the spot and rescued him. Such inhuman happened in Sadarpur area of Panuria.

So humane jesture of human is standing before a question. People are raising question to them. Few people have said, “the driver was not injured that much and other side of people said, it is going to be legal case, so we did not touch him.”