Granthan’s Hard Work Beats Talent, Aspires To Be History Professor


Kolkata: ‘Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise’ this line absolutely fit for WB HS First Granthan Sengupta. Yes, the success now make the noise so loud that even WB CM Mamata calls him and congratulates for his fabulous achievement.

Every body after passed the exam said that private teachers, notes, 14 hours hard-core study helped them for their success but no one can tell spontaneously that i love to do it silently, love to do drama, love to sing the songs, love to read solely.

Granthan, the HS topper said this worth words to the media after get the good news. His father, Goutam Sengupta added to that I always give him advice to do what you love to do.

His Mom, Moumita Sengupta is dance teacher and also primary school teacher, by professional. His Mom guide her students in dancing in their house but the ‘sound’ did not break his concentration just because of meditation. As we already wrote, work hard in silence, Let Success make the ‘sound’. The sound of success now rings in his ear which gave the direction to make himself as History Professor.

Granthan loves History and hopes to become a professor. In future, Granthan want to build good citizens who will lead the world. This moral sense gives him hundred out of hundred in ‘life’ examination.

Written By- Piku Mukherjee