Grandmother Murdered While Trying To Save Her Granddaughter


Barddhaman: An elderly woman was murdered here on Monday while she was trying to save her granddaughter from the kidnapper. The incident occured at Bhatakul village of Eastern Barddhaman area. The family of the woman complained that a youth used to tease the granddaughter of the deceased woman and was forcing her to marry him.

The man tried to kidnap the girl 15 days ago but the girl was rescued. After knowing of his son’s intentions, the father of the accused expelled him from the house. He entered the girl’s home at midnight carrying a sharp weapon with him. The girl was sleeping along with her grandma in her house.

The youth tried to kidnap the girl but she retaliated and her grandma woke up amid all this. When she tried to confront the kidnapper, he attacked the lady with a sharp weapon and fled away. She was taken to Barddhaman Medical College but the doctors were unable to save her life.