My Govt Won’t Discriminate Between ‘Teeka’ & ‘Topi’: Yogi


Lucknow: Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday assured the people of UP that his government will not work with any bias towards anyone, saying ‘na teeka ka bhed hoga, na topi ka bhed hoga’ (There will be no discrimination on the basis of teeka and skull cap).

Speaking at an interactive session hosted by a TV channel, Yogi said that the government would provide security to all and involve everyone in UP’s progress, but there would not be appeasement of any. Wary of reports about alleged involvement of activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini, an organisation formed by him, in incidents of violence at many places in the state, Yogi issued a stern warning: “Chhadam gamcchha odne waale jo karya karte hain sudhar jaayein, chhode nahin jaayenge (Those wearing fake scarf should mend their ways, none will be spared).”

“Those who are trying to defame BJP or cultural organisation(in an apparent hint towards the Hindu Yuva Vahini) are being identified,” he said. Jungleraj will end in Uttar Prades . “Law and order is our priority. Minor incidents are occurring at some places but I am sure that by the time I present the report card of my government’s 100 days, such incidents will stop completely,” Yogi said.

“Every sister, daughter and trader of Uttar Pradesh will feel safe in the state,” Yogi Adityanath said. He also emphasised that VIP culture will be put to an end in the state. After poor rating of UP cities, for which he put the onus of Akhilesh government earlier in the day, the CM said that by the next Clean City survey, at least 50 cities of Uttar Pradesh will be in top 100. “Usually when a new CM takes charge, he tries to overhaul the administration. We tried to work with the same officers. We started shuffling the officers only after a month. We changed only those who were not ready to change with the changed system or not comfortable with the new system,” the CM said.

We have brought a transfer policy in Uttar Pradesh. In the past 12-15 years, transfer posting had become an industry. Now everyone will have to tell about the reason for transfer. All the ministers will have to mention and inform me as to why an officer is being transferred and what public good will be served with the transfer,” he said.

Speaking on the issue of farmers, the CM said: “The government is committed to double the income of farmers by 2022. As PM Narendra Modi says that the government’s objective should be public welfare not populist. But, we went for loan waiver+ because that was necessary to lessen the load on farmers.