Govt To Introduce Online OPD Tickets For Medical College Hospitals


Kolkata: To make it hassle-free for out-patient department (OPD) patients, the State Government has decided to introduce online ticketing system. It would first be introduced at the State’s top multi-speciality hospital, SSKM, followed by the other medical college hospitals. Thus there would be less rush at the hospital ticket counters.

The e-tickets can be bought without paying any fee from the website, The system would be introduced by this December.

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The ticketing system would work like this – There would be special counters at the hospitals where the tickets bought online can be scanned. After that, the patients would be give ‘entry numbers’, which they would have to show the doctor they are visiting.

The numbers would be assigned automatically in coordination with those of the patients who have bought tickets from the offline counters. For example, if an offline ticket-holder is assigned the number 10 during ‘entry’, a patient scanning an online ticket at that moment would be assigned the number, 11.