Govt Take Steps To Ensure Kolkata ‘Free Of Garbages’

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Kolkata: Nabanna took huge measures on Thursday to keep the ‘City of Joy’ clean by eradicating garbages from the city.

The state government decided to provide stationery and mobile compacter in 125 cities. Throughout the state, the urban development department is on its way to provide 22 stationery compacters and 186 mobile compacters.

The government has already given permission for 150 mobile compacters out of which, the work for 100 of them is almost over. The rest of the mobile compacters will start functioning from the end of July, this year. Scientifically, these compacters will help in keeping Kolkata free of garbages. As a result, the government’s transportation cost would also be reduced.

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As per Nabanna sources, mobile compacter has already begun in 8 cities of West Medinipore.