Govt. Stands By Slain Officers’ Families: Akhilesh

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Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who is facing all-round criticism over the killings of senior police officials in Mathura violence, on Saturday, said his government stands by the families of the slain officers in this time of adversity.

“We stand by the families, we will provide the families all possible assistance. This was a decision taken by our government that if a police, paramilitary, military personnel dies on duty, the government would be giving Rs. 20 lakh to the family,” Akhilesh told the media here.

“Even if we need to do more, then we will do it; be it the job for any assistance, the government is with them. I feel the pain of these families. It has been a huge loss to them. We are giving Rs. 20 lakhs and even after that they want the job or any other thing, we are ready to do that.” he added.

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Akhilesh, who has been facing rants from the opposition for failure of law and order in the state, said slain Superintendent of Police Mukul Dwivedi, hailed from his own area. “I have met his family members many times, and I know them very well. The family of the SHO, who has been martyred, has a warm relationship with our people,” he added.

Expressing grief over the violence in Mathura, the Chief Minister said it is very unfortunate that people lost their lives. “The police while going for recce should have taken a bit more precaution, but again it is a matter of probe,” he added.

Divulging the details of the Jawahar Bagh encroachment, Akhilesh said the land had to be evacuated after the High Court’s order. “It was the land of Horticulture Department,” he said. “Moreover, there were women and children inside. There had to cautious efforts, so that no harm was caused to them,” he added.

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister also said there were several rounds of discussions to persuade people to evacuate the government land. “We also cut the power and water supplies, but once police team went for recce, this attack took place. However, the picture will be clearer once the inquiry is over,” he added. Attacking the opposition for attempting to gain political mileage over the episode, Akhilesh said: “There shouldn’t be any politics on it.” “If you want to gain mileage, there are other issues but cashing on other’s pain is not good for democracy,” he added.