Govt. Put Ex-SSKM Director between Scylla & Charybdis


Kolkata: The West Bengal government on Thursday put former SSKM Director Pradeep Mitra on a jinx. Rejecting Dr.Mitra’s plea for VRS (Voluntary retirement scheme), the state government said that there is no option for VRS since 2013. Instead the administration gave him a condition either he has to go in compulsory waiting or he has to resign.

The controversy arose in the context of the proposed dialysis of a dog’s carcass. The administration’s allegation was Dr.Mitra’s some comments in front of media were undesirable. So Dr. Mitra was transferred to Sagore Dutta Medical College and Hospital. Obviously that transfer order wounded his dignity.

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In lieu of taking the new portfolio, Dr. Mitra decided to opt for VRS. Now his present request further infuriated the administration. The government said that if he takes the decision to resign, he will not get any retirement benefit.