Govt Offices To Remain Open On Every Saturday


Kolkata: For the first time, all the offices of State Environmental Department and Polluttion Control Board in West Bengal to remain open on Saturday till Durga Puja. The decision has been taken to be viable in uninterrupted service for the citizens.

State Environmental Department and Pollution Control Board, in a ministerial level meeting on Friday, has taken the decision aiming to fix measures to fight sound-pollution and environment pollution.

The board has informed that, Durga Puja is rounding the corner. So all the departments are in rush. The Board chairman Kalyan Rudra said that, “Offices to remain open on Saturday till Durga Puja. Work will run in normal flow on Saturday. Employees have to be present in the offices unlike other days.

A part of employees are agitated after the decision. According to the published news, such decision has come in Puja days for the first time. Several questions are hitting the ground to find reason behind the decision.