Govt Mulling Condom Ads Off the air During Day


New Delhi: The NDA government is considering a proposal to confine ads for condoms to late night hours only, after complaints flooded from section of viewers including politicians.

“There is currently no restriction on condom advertisements. They can be shown at any time of the day and on any kind of channel, but this might change in the future as we’re taking a fresh look,” an official in the broadcasting division said.

Television content is classified into two groups – general (G) and restricted (R).

While general content is considered suitable for unrestricted viewing, the restricted content can only be aired between 11pm and 5am and is not intended for young viewers.

An official said there had been a spurt in requests to ban condom ads on television. “A ban is out of question. So, the matter being discussed is whether their broadcast can be restricted to certain hours which fall after family viewing time,” he said.

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