Govt Hikes Daily Wages Of Unskilled, Semi-Skilled Workers


Bhubaneswar: Good news before Diwali. Odisha Govt hikes min.daily wages of Unskilled, Semi-Skilled, Skilled& Highly Skilled workers. An unskilled worker will now get Rs 280 instead of Rs 200,semi skilled Rs 320 instead of Rs 220,skilled Rs 370 instead of Rs 240&highly skilled worker will get Rs 430 Instead of Rs 260.

The government revised the minimum wages of the workers based on the recommendations of the state Minimum Wage Advisory Board and considering the objections and suggestions received during the stipulated two months period.

The government hiked the minimum daily wages of unskilled workers by 40 per cent from Rs 200 to Rs 280, semi skilled workers by 45 per cent from Rs 220 to Rs 320, skilled workers by 54 per cent from Rs 240 to Rs 370 and the high skilled workers by 65 per cent from Rs 260 to Rs 430 per day.

The revision has been made after three years considering the rate of inflation, consumer price index, prevailing market rate and minimum wages in neighbouring states.

The revised minimum wages are comparable and at par with the neighbouring states. The employees working in minor ports will now get the minimum wages.