Govt gears up for below normal Monsoon


New Delhi: The Government on March 22 released its first forecast for this year South West Monsoon.Rainfall is expected to be 93% of the Long Period Average with an error margin of plus minus 5%. There is a 35% probability of a below normal monsoon, 33% probability of deficient monsoon, 28% probability of normal monsoon and no probability of above normal and excessive rainfall.

Union Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Minister  Harsh Vardhan said that the forecast will be shared with the PMO, Cabiney Secretary, related departments and state govts so that authorities can proactively prepare for any eventuality. Rainfall distribution details will be shared in June and forecast on the onset of the monsoon will be made in May. The Govt said that the impact of the El Nino phenomenon has been factored into the forecast.

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