Govt Directs In Satna’s Schools To Answer Roll Call With ‘Jai Hind’


Mumbai: To promote patriotism, students in schools in a Madhya Pradesh city will now have to respond to the daily roll call with a ‘Jai Hind’, instead of the customary ‘yes, ma’am’ or ‘yes, sir’, reported news agency.

Schools in Satna city have been directed to ensure this happens starting October 1, said the BJP-run Madhya Pradesh’s school education minister Vijay Shah to ANI. “For now, this is just a suggestion (for private schools in Satna); we hope they’ll adhere to it since it relates to patriotism,” said Shah to ANI.

What’s more, “if the experiment turns successful”, the ‘Jai Hind’-for-‘yes, ma’am’ response will be made mandatory in all of Madhya Pradesh’s schools. “Will take permission from CM (chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan) if experiment turns successful, and would like to implement it in entire MP,” said Shah. Shah has been on a drive to “instil strong patriotic values” in citizens.

Last December, he made singing the national anthem and hoisting the tricolour mandatory in schools all over Madhya Pradesh. Non-compliance would lead to a reprimand and also could result in schools’ recognition being canceled or suspended, Shah had directed.

Shah’s order came days after the Supreme Court ordered that the national anthem must be played in all cinema halls across the country before a film is screened. The Supreme Court had said respecting the anthem is part of “constitutional patriotism”.

“Time has come when people must respect national anthem which is part of constitutional patriotism. People must feel that it is their country. It is because of the country that they are enjoying freedom and liberty,” the apex court’s bench said last November.