Govt Decides To Set-Up ‘Bridge Commission’


Kolkata: The state government has decided to set-up a bridge commission in the wake
of several bridge collapses in the state. Apart from constructing new bridges, the
‘bridge commission’ will have the responsibility to maintain and renovate the old

The state has seen several bridge collapses in the state starting from Posta
flyover collapse to Siliguri and Majherhat incident. These accidents have claimed
lives too. A construction bridge collapsed in Kakdwip on Monday morning.

Several theories have come up over the reasons for such disasters. Lack of proper
maintenance and problems in the structure of the bridges are some of the reasons
behind these tragedies. The problems in the structural problems were not identified
before, as the result of which the bridges collapsed.

Setting up of bridge commission was decided in the ministerial meet held on Monday.
The structural plan of all the bridges, how will the work be implemented, all will
be looked upon by this commission. How will the problems in old bridges be
rectified will also be looked upon and maintained by the commission.

Representatives from every department who are connected with the maintenance of the
bridge will be present in the commission. The constitution of the commission will
be done under the instructions of the CM after she returns from her official-
foreign tour.