Govt Becomes Strict To Stop Illegal Running Of Pull Cars


Kolkata: The state government is all set to take stringent measures against the running of illegal pull-cars in order to ensure safety to the small school children.

On Tuesday, transport minister Suvendu Adhikari said that the pull cars will have to follow all the rules properly while running their cars. No illegal running of such pull cars would be allowed anywhere. He also added that, none can be embarrassed with pull car strikes. Those who would like to legalise their business would be given the opportunity to do so. They would get help from the motor vehicles office.

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In the past 3 months, 3-4 pull car accidents took place in the state and city. Similar incident happened on Monday at Uluberia where 17 students narrowly escaped accident. Post this incident, the police are adamant to detain illegal pull cars. The transport department, police, Kolkata’s public vehicles department and the state transport authority carried on their mission together. Atleast 50 illegal pull cars were cancelled by them on Monday and Tuesday.