Governor Thinks & Dilip Speaks, CPM Call BJP Idiot


Kolkata: State BJP general secr5etary Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday has talked about Governor Kesharinath Tripathi’s plan for Panchayat Election in a press conference outside Rajbhavan. He has called a meeting with the election commissioner and others officials from the commission on Wednesday.

Everyone is mesmerised by the advance announcement of governor’s plan by dilip Ghosh. Question arise how state BJP president is aware of governor’s plan and policy regarding Panchayat Election. Ruling party minister Partha Chatterjee has replied on the issue. Common people are losing faith on governor. Reportedly, Governor has asked for central forces for Panchayat election but state home affairs is not aware of that fact.

Left legislative leader Sujan Chakraborty said on this, “BJP is brainless, TMC is a traitor, it led the consequences.” On the other hand, Congress leader Omprakash Mishra said, Partha Chatterjee has to settle their party strategy. The rising unsettlement regarding placing nomination became a major issue on the safety and security of Panchayat Election. Is government wants election with rampant rampage ?

রাজ্যপালের কথা বলছেন দিলীপ! বিজেপিকে ‘বুদ্ধিহীন’ বলল সিপিএম

The leaders have started filing nomination from April 2 for Panchayat election. The ruling-opposition clash regarding filing nomination took the attention of administration and common people in last couple of days. BJP senior sector held a meeting with governor led by Dilip Ghosh.

In a press conference after meeting Ghosh said, “ Election Commission feels threatened on the rampage of filing nomination. So there is a need of central force in West Bengal Panchayat Election. But state government has denied the need of central force. Dilip Ghosh on this note mentioned, “ Earlier central force have been sent to Hajarduari.”

In nutshell, the statement of Dilip Ghosh containing the words of governor and commissioner. But does it come under his authority to speak others’ words ?

Reported By: Debomoy Ghosh.
Edited By: Susmita Das.