Government to control Onion prices

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Bhubaneshwar: As heavy rains lashes in the whole of Eastern India, the prices of vegetables have kept on soaring. The Price of onion in Retail market has reached Rs 45 per Kg. to control the increasing price of the onion the Odisha Government has planned to undertake a few steps.

The government is planning to give loans to the farmers on small installments and provide seeds to them at low prices. The state government assumes that these steps may control the rising onion prices in the state.

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According to government records, Odisha produces 3.95 lakh metric tons of onions every year. Pradip kumar Maharathi, the Agriculture Minister of the Odisha Government has said, “Due to the lack of cold stores the farmers of our state are compelled to sell off their onions before the actual time. The things will be changed in the coming days.”

Now it is to be seen how far the prices of the onions are controlled on the interference of the government.