Gory Memories Of Oct 2 Repeats: Khagragarh To Nagerbazar


Kolkata: It was 2nd October in 2014, when Burdwan district’s now in (East Burdwan) Khagragarh came to the attention of national media for a violent explosion. Explosives stocked piled in local TMC party Office exploded on the day claimed the life of two men and others were critically injured. Initially police took it as a normal incident of explosion caused by gang war. But later it was proved that Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB’s ) Indian Wing was the mentor of this explosion.

It was basically an extended program to destabilize Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh. Later the investigation by NAI revealed how JMB spread its terror network in India.

Again in 2nd October 2018 it was almost a rerun of the horror memory. This time the place is Dumdum Nagerbazar which is barely 20km away from the heart of Kolkata.

The stunning similarity of these two incidents is Local Trinamool Congress Party office in Nagerbazar. But the quantum of explosion is much lower than what has happened iin Khagragar. The local police in Nagerbazar claimed that, the incident was caused by socket bomb. But NAI team is yet to arrive the spot as they do not want to waste much time to collect the samples for further investigation.

Local police personnel started saying that the date 2nd October itself is haunting them for memories of blast.