Google Search App Adds New Shortcuts


California: Google Search app in India has on Thursday added shortcuts on Android, which will make it easier for users to to get relevant information quickly and easily.

The shortcuts will provide quick access to tools and let users explore a topic in depth all from the app. These will give quick access to information around cricket scores, weather, nearby restaurants, ATM, movie show timings, etc.

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The shortcuts will come right on home screen of the Google App. The home screen will show the four most often used shortcuts, while others can be found by simply tapping the little arrow to the right. Users can keep scrolling towards the right to see what all shortcuts Google has to offer.

The search giant has added shortcuts to access gas stations, pharmacies, convenience stores. For example, when you can tap on convenience stores near me, it shows a list of whatever stores are closest to you, including directions, numbers, etc.

There’s also shortcuts for booking flight tickets, finding out vacation destination straight from the Google Search app. My Trips will show your upcoming trips if you have any. On the fun side, there are shortcuts for playing Tic-tac-toe, rolling dice, playing Solitaire, and even trying out a fidget spinner.

One important feature with the shortcuts will be the quick access to cricket scores. Google will also let show users key match statistics, including past scores, news, and the current rankings for ICC teams.

The Search app will also get a shortcut for Google Translate, while the weather shortcut can be used to get a detailed 10-day forecast. Google’s Shortcut feature is currently rolling out only for Android. Users have to update their Google app in order to see the new feature.

With search shifting to mobile, Google needs to make sure their Search app remains relevant and convenient for users, which explains the reason for adding such shortcuts.