Google Maps Is No Longer Flat When You Zoom Out


Earth’s flat view on the Google Maps is not very interesting and Google wants to change that. Google Maps will now start showing the Earth as a globe rather than a flat image, Mashable reported.The update will be available to all desktop users and will correct the size misrepresentation of many countries.

Google Maps has also been added with a new feature that allows you to share your battery level information with your friends, Mashable reported. The feature is an opt-in service targeted primarily at the safety of the user.

Google is also bringing in India-specific features on Google Maps to address unique challenges and opportunities, a senior company official said. “Google Maps is not just about navigating from point A to B. We have been building for India, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities, with the sole aim of making Google maps more comprehensive, accurate and reliable,” Google Maps for India, Program Manager, Anal Ghosh said.Ghosh talked about innovating features for India specifically. The two-wheeler mode in Google maps comes to India first as 70 per cent of all the vehicles registered in the country are two wheelers, he added. “Two-wheeler mode in maps shows trip routes that use shortcuts not accessible to cars, buses and trucks. It also provides customized traffic and arrival time estimations,” he said.