Google Glass Resurface with One-Sided band


New York: Not giving up on its Internet-connected Glass eyewear just yet Google is going to launch a new edition of the device. In a latest patent filed by the search giant, a new type of wearable device could soon see the light of the day which would essentially be a new version of the old connected wearable.

The patent granted is for a Google Glass-like head-mounted display that would come with a flexible band which could be adjusted to fit the wearer.

Unlike the original Google Glass, the new patent talks about a design that would sit on just one side of the wearer’s face.

Although Google Glass has failed to spark consumer interest and has battled many privacy concerns, Google reportedly has as many as three different prototypes in the works which improve upon the existing device, including a ‘sports edition’ for enterprise consumers The Verge notes.

The new patent might or might not transform into a real product, but to make it truly enticing, Google will have to offer a little extra than just glass and metal frame that shows your social media feed and works with voice commands.